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Haunted Hotels Wiltshire

Black Swan. Devizes. Wiltshire

Haunted Hotels Wiltshire, Black Swan Devizes

Should you visit the medieval market town of Devizes, then stay at  this 1700’s coaching inn. Prior to becoming a coaching inn in 1737, this building was a private residence. The Black Swan Hotel stands opposite the site of the old town gallows. In the past, parts of the hotel have been used as a court and a Masonic meeting place. The 15th century cellars beneath the Black Swan are the remains of the Nags Head Inn that originally occupied the site. Ambrose Saintsbury was as a publican thought to be a respected pillar of the community. His dark secret was that by night he became a merciless highwayman. There is a reported ghostly apparition in the cellar. It is that of a dark dressed man sat astride a horse in the cellar. Could this be the spirit of Ambrose Saintsbury?

A stay in Room 4 is suggested for the brave and adventurous. This room is reputedly haunted by a woman dressed all in white. She has been seen standing by the window, staring sadly out at the Square below. Some reports say she has been seen silently gliding from the window and then passing through a wall behind the bed. Could she be the victim of an earlier fire at the hotel? Nobody knows for sure. The infrequent stranger that appears in the bar mixing and chatting with customer, before abruptly vanishing. Could this also be the spirit of Ambrose? Please check  the information and availability Button for this Hotel

The Old Bell. Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Haunted Hotels Wiltshire_The Old Bell

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The Old Bell’s existing building is thought to date as far back as 1220AD. The highly rated Old Bell, reputed to be England’s oldest purpose-built hotel, and is adjacent to the famous Abbey in the historic town of Malmesbury, on the edge of the Cotswolds. The Old Bell is steeped in character with log fires, paintings, stone-walls and period furniture. The bedrooms are individually furnished: those in the main house are more period in character, some with beams and fireplaces; those in the Coach House have a light and airy feel to them.

The hotel’s most famous ghost is that of The Grey Lady. She has reputedly been seen slowly  moving from room to room. Legend has it that the Grey Lady is the spirit of an unhappily married or grieving woman. She has been described as a middle-aged woman, wearing late 17th-century long flowing dress. Her dress sweeps across the floor as she walks. Could she be responsible for alleged levitating   and smashing of glasses in some rooms? Is this disenchanted Lady causing the many reported cold spots, phantom footsteps and instances of door jamming? Please check  the information and availability Button for this Hotel

 Haunted Hotels Wiltshire

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