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Have you always been interested in the Paranormal? Do you have a fascination with the concept of Ghosts and Hauntings? Are you intrigued, or have that secret desire to experience an allegedly Haunted Hotel or Inn? Or are you just looking for a haunted weekend away?

Would you like to experience a walk through the halls of a haunted house or savour the atmosphere of a Ghost walk? If you have always wanted to try to experience these types of activities, then we will guide you to find the right location or organisation to help you to fulfil your desires. Search our Hotel Listings data of reputedly haunted accommodations or locations. This site is designed for plain curious guests or those interested in the more serious type of investigation.

Our site will continue to evolve. So we want to hear from your hotel or Inn that may have claims of Haunting or Paranormal sightings. To be included in our preferred hotel site, please contact us with a full description and information, together with any testimonials. We would love to hear about your ghost adventures.

We are always happy to hear from and feature paranormal groups holding serious investigations with public participation. We are also interested to hear from any Ghost Walk organisers.

So if you wish to advertise your Ghost Hunts events Ghost Walks or spiritual events please contact us. Our aim is to compile a directory of all ghost-hunting events in a  UK calendar. We may consider a directory for others Countries as we do have international viewers. 

Our ultimate aim is to provide these services in as many countries as possible. So that you are aware we do have affiliate links attached to the site which assist in financing and sponsoring this site.

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