Nottinghamshire Haunted Hotels

Haunted Hotels of Nottinghamshire

 Colwick Hall Hotel

Haunted Hotels Nottinghamshire,Colwick-hall-nottingham


Colwick Hall Hotel is a magnificent Georgian country house mansion  in the Palladian style . This historic building  dating back from Saxon times nestles in over sixty acres of parkland. The Hall is a Grade II listed building, which was once the ancestral home of Lord Byron. This grand  Hotel overlooks  Nottingham racecourse..

One of the ghostly visitors reported to  manifest itself  is believed to be , Mrs Chaworth Musters. She is said to be Lord Byron’s first love. Rumour has it that she hides behind trees in the parkland. Is she hiding herself from the mob of 1832 that stormed the hall? The sounds of footsteps echo around the building. Sounds  are reputedly often heard coming  from the servants’ quarters. These are the sounds children’s laughter and voices playing around the area.

If you are feeling adventurous why not visit Colwick Woods ,which is not too far from Colwick Hall Hotel. There have been reports that the ghostly spirits  ghosts of two children have been sited wandering lost in the woods. It is believed that their father William Saville murdered these two young children. In fact, William Saville was hanged in 1844 for being found guilty of the heinous  crime. From the woods the sounds of ghostly horses have been heard, cantering around the forest paths. Or are they just the distant echoes from the nearby race course? Please check  the information and availability Button for this Hotel.

Bestwood Lodge

haunted hotels nottingham ,Bestwood Lodge Nottingham


 Bestwood Lodge is an ex-hunting Lodge in a Gothic-style .The Lodge was previously the property of the Ministry of Defense .Most notably, Bestwood was the headquarters for the allied army during WWII. The 14th century Lodge was one of the many residences of King Charles II and he was often accompanied by his mistress Nell Gwynn.

Much of the Hotels haunted activity is believed to be caused by the spirit of Nell. There have often been reports of the fragrance of oranges pervading the rooms and corridors. This seems to become most active in the presents of children. You may not know that Nell used to be an orange seller and was very fond of children? Is she the cause of this fruity aroma? Please check  the information and availability Button for this Hotel

Saracens Head



 The Saracens Head Hotel was established in the 12th century, and was previously known as as the King’s Arms. The Hotel was rebuilt in the 16th Century. There are also some more modern modifications. The Hotel has been used as a court for the Arch Bishop of York prior to becoming the Saracen coaching Inn. The Inn became a popular stopping point for weary travellers ,as it serviced the old Manchester – Newark stagecoach. The inn offered a place to rest,  refreshments and  provided fresh horses. At one stage of its life the Inn even became an auction house for the famous crown Derby Potteries

The Hotel is reputedly host to the Ghostly apparitions of a Lady and also that of a Cavalier. The lady supposedly likes visit room 4, where she proceeds to sit on the guest’s bed. She seems to enjoy rocking gently to and fro, as if trying to wake the sleeper. Could the Cavalier apparition be that of King Charles I haunting the King Charles suite? Prior to his arrest by the Parliamentarians, this is the room where The King spent his last night of freedom. Other famous guests of the Saracen have included the ambassador to King Louis III, the famous Novelist Charles Dickens and renowned poet Byron. Please check  the information and availability Button for this Hotel

 Haunted Hotels of Nottinghamshire



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  2. Just back from a night with my husband at the Saracens Head in the King Charles Suite – room 1

    In the middle of the night we both heard the voice of a lady shouting – HELP and then two slams of a door and later in the early hours my husband thought he could hear visitors in the l shaped corridor between our bedroom and the bathroom

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