Tatton Old Hall – Knutsford, Cheshire

Tatton Old Hall

WA16 6QN.
United Kingdom

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The 15th century Tatton Old Hall, was originally built as a manor House . The building is steeped in history atmosphere. The Old Hall It is situated  in an isolated wooded area of the park. During the day the staged for display period rooms look open and welcoming . This atmosphere  immediately changes as darkness falls and the many paranormal  entities begin to stir through the house.  The poltergeist activity begins. Objects are thrown or moved. Whispers are heard as are distant voices and whistles. You need to be of strong character to explore this Hall. The terrifying atmosphere ,the evil presences and the sound of heavy phantom footsteps  all add to the this eerie ghostly location.

Tatton Old Hall irradiates so many instances of  paranormal phenomena ,that it has become a firm favourite of The UK Most Haunted Team . And many many other paranormal investigation teams have followed suit. Much of the activity has been captured in these programs, so well worth a watch to see what you might encounter. Listen to some of evil EVPs that have been recorded on site.

As you walk around the rooms of the Great Hall you will always be warey of what lurks in the dark and creepy shadows. What will you encounter around the next corner or move behind you?  The Tatton Old Hall is certainly very haunted and frightening location. Beware of  the malevolent entity  who is believed to be a gamekeeper called Tom.  Is it he  agitator responsible for the more evil  paranormal activities ? I think you will find The Old Hall is just the place to make your own ghost adventure and stories spring to life.



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