Skirrid Inn Abergavenny, South Wales

Skirrid Inn - Llanvihangel Crucorney
South Wales
United Kingdom

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At least 900 years old the Skirrid Inn has a phenomenal paranormal reputation. Some say it is one of Britain’s scariest places. The buildings notoriety has attracted many popular TV Ghost hunting programs as well as paranormal investigation teams. They all looked to engage the many residential spirits and witness the paranormal phenomena associated with the Inn. It is believed that the first floor of the Skirrid Inn was once used as a Court of Law. The evil spirit presences of a hangman, a former a sheep rustler and a Judge have all been reported on various occasions. Which one these malevolent visitors walks and paces the upper floors of the Skirrid? Judge, hangman, or Thief?

The friendlier spirits of a local clergyman Father Vaughn has been known to visit the Inn. Sometimes the strong fragrance of perfume pervades the room accompanied by phantom movement of glasses. These occurrences haves been associated with the spirit called Fanny, who likes to move around audibly rustling her elegant dress. Sightings of a ghostly White lady apparition and the sound of soldiers crossing the courtyard all add to the catalogue phenomena.

Some previous visitors have complained that they suffered a nauseating dizziness whilst investigating the Skirrid. Others have disturbingly described how they felt the sensation of being strangled by unseen hands. Will you brave the paranormal activities rife in this location? Will you leave with your own ghostly tales to tell.


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