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Haunted Hotels  York – Yorkshire.

York claims to be the most haunted city in England.
The Best Western Plus  Dean Court Hotel, York

Haunted Hotels York, Dean Court Hotel

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Dean Court Hotel is just a minute away from York city centre and  is fortunate enough to count York Minster as its next door neighbour! Dean Court was originally constructed in around 1850 as lodgings for visiting clergy.

The phantom of a Roman soldier has been seen at Dean Court. Some descriptions of the hazy apparition are that of a being, who appears to be a man wearing a metal helmet. It is believed more likely that it is a Roman soldier as the hotel site is in the area of the old legionary fort of York. The ghost is seen upstairs as well as downstairs, so maybe the phantom is of somebody who passed away since the hotel was constructed. Nobody knows for sure, exactly who he is and why he returns.

There are said to be more active spirits to be found in the cellar. Sightings of a Victorian cleaning woman have been reported. The cleaner worked in building when the cellar was shared with the property next door.  It is believed the woman could have lived in the cellar or just stored here cleaning tools in the cellar the cellar.  Could this account for her fondness not to leave the building?

Room 36 has had some supposed strange activity. Visitors have experienced odd feelings. These give guest the impression that they are being pressed down on the bed. The phantom that will also cause frequent cold spots to the Dean Court is invisible and unknown. Who is this lost spirit?

Hazlewood Castle. Tadcaster. N. Yorkshire


Hazlewood Castle is mentioned in the Domesday Book and  has been the estate of the Vavasours  family, since Norman times. Hazlewood Castle was a former monastery and retreat. This has now been thoughtfully and tastefully designed offering a distinctly different lifestyle experience.

Many of the rooms are alleged to have their own individual resident apparitions. The Tansy room’s visitor is a black habited monk. In the Lavender room there have been instances of people becoming aware of a presence in the bathroom. The feeling seems so real that the person begins a conversation with the non-existent visitor. And then there is the Rose room. A shadow movement on the wall has been seen when opening the door. This makes the guest look back to see who was in the corridor.

 There is a black dressed shadowy figure that disappears into a yew tree. The same image is seen to cross the courtyard and into the laundry area. Finally a priest is said to walk towards the Great Hall. He makes his way to the Library and then suddenly disappears. Could it be the ghosts of Hazel Castle are just retracing the original walkways and cloisters of the monastery building? Will you be fortunate enough to find out?

Haunted Hotels  York  & North Yorkshire


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    1. Had a really experience in room 36. My Mom & I did not know the history of this place . I said a prayer for protection before we slept, had a vivid dream ; a man asked me what we were doing there in the room , I replied with the truth. My Mom & I were spending 1 night passing thru on our way to Edinburgh. In my dream the man said that was ok & he would protect us as we slept. I woke up not thinking much about my unusual dream and figured it had to do with the historical setting we were in. You can feel the age of the area that every return and the hotel is located across the street from The medieval minster of New York…
      I woke up & showered around 5 am. My Mom was sound to sleep when I left for the bathroom. While I was in the shower the bathroom door opened and shut. I assumed it was my mother and that she changed her mind not to come in and use the bathroom at this time but when I got out of the shower and enter the bedroom she was sound asleep. Still I didn’t think anything unusual. Then as we were having coffee we both came incredibly chilled, so much so that would put our coats on in the room- frigid really. I turned off the air conditioner shut all the windows and we were still freezing. I told my mom let’s go under the bed covers to try to get warm. As we were laying there the bathroom door open and closed again. I said to my mom I think there’s some activity in this room . I then looked at the Internet and started laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes as we were in the infamous room 36!

      1. Thanks for your experience, Which Hotel did you stay in?
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