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Haunted Hotels Warwickshire

 Brownsover Hall, Rugby, Warwickshire

Haunted Hotels Warwickshire,Brownsover Hotel

Brownsover Hall is purportedly haunted by a member of the Broughton-Leigh family. During the reign of Elizabeth it is understood that he had his hand severed. Supposedly 12 clergymen set about exorcising his ghost in 1755. Despite all  their attempts, the ghost of “one-handed Broughton”   reportedly ,still roams around the grounds and empty tower during the night,moaning and groaning. It is believed Broughton is still searching for a bottle containing his long lost spirit, which is said to be buried in the grounds . A famous previous owner of the estate, was non other than ,Frank Whittle the inventor of the jet engine. If you want to experience this hotel please check out the link for availability and more information about this Hotel.

Coombe Abbey Hotel, Binley, Warwickshire

Haunted Hotels Warwickshire,Coombe Abbey Hotel

Coombe Abbey is now a spectacular hotel and country park .The Hotel is set in 500 acres of parkland, overlooking a tranquil lake and formal gardens. The Hotel was originally a 12th Century Cistern abbey which has been restored to its original standards. There are tales of ghostly sightings in the surrounding grounds and buildings. These are believed to be  spirits of mysterious ghostly monks, and  phantom horseman. Even a mysterious apparition of a Victorian woman has been seen riding her bike in adjacent roads.

Probably one of the most famous tales is that of Abbott Geoffrey, who in 1345 was brutally murdered at the Abbey. The murderer was never caught and some say this was the led to the  downfall of the Abbey. A few visitors have reported seeing a restless spirit in the kitchens and grounds. Then there are the footsteps of a supposed young gypsy girl tip tapping across the stable cobbles. Some think the tower at Coombe Abbey is haunted by Matilda, a pregnant maid.

It would seem that Coombe Abbey has seen a fair bit of activity. Could this be your chance to try and experience these activities for yourself? Check out the link for availability and more information about this Hotel

The Ettington Park Manor Hotel, Alderminster, Warwickshire

Ettington Manor Hotel

Ettington Park Hotel, is an imposing Victorian mansion in Alderminster. The beautiful exterior is  neo-gothic in appearance , and can be seen in the classic ghost film, ‘The Haunting`.

Guests and staff have reportedly seen a female ghost ,who they call ‘Lady Emma`. She has been sighted swishing herself across the terrace and then disappearing straight through the wall. Whilst tucked up in bed, some guest’s report the  feeling of  a strange sensations on their face. They have the distinct feeling, that someone is stroking linen across their face and hair. Could it be Lady Emma, just having a little fun? The building looks the part of a haunted mansion, is this where you want to stay the night? For more information about this Hotel and availability, please check out the link.

The Old Mill Hotel, Baginton, Warwickshire

The Old Milll Hotel

This centuries Old Mill, is now a Hotel and restaurant, which nestles in a beautiful riverside setting. The Old Mill is mentioned in the Domesday Book. In 1545 it was a working mill that ground corn for one Francis Goodair, a local merchant. The Mill has its own
ghostly lady visitor. According to village legend, the woman drowned as she became trapped beneath the water mill wheel. To this day, it is reported that her ghostly image can sometimes be glimpsed in and around the building.

A very strange item was discovered during excavations of The Old
Mill. A very old mummified cat  was found. Was it that of a witch or just a way to keep away the mice? The cat’s remains have supposedly been removed a number of times. Local folklore declares  that this will bring bad luck to those who reside in the Mill. Good luck will not return until the cat is returned. Luckily the last attempt to remove the mummy, was back in 1999. To sample the delights of this riverside Hotel please check out the link for availability and more information about this Hotel.

Walton Hall Hotel, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire

Walton Hall Hotel

The family home of Gilbert Greenall, this mansion was built in the Elizabethan Style around 1836 . Apparently, Lady Daresbury  is the ghost that has been  observed moving around the staircase area. There have also been sightings of the Lady in some of the areas inside Walton Hall, as well as outside in the vast grounds. The sounds of sobbing and crying seem to emanate from the Lady’s old bedroom and all around the upper rooms. Is this spirit of Lady Daresbury communicating? Some say they seen ghosts of young children playing in and out of the empty rooms. The sound of little footsteps and running, have been heard around the building .Can you picture yourself staying in this hotel? Check out the link for availability and more information about this Hotel

Haunted Hotels Warwickshire

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  1. We would really appreciate hearing your feedback. Please share your experiences after you have stayed in one of these Hotels.
    Many Thanks
    Haunted Experiences.com

    1. I worked at Walton Hall in Wellesbourne in 1990 as part of the maintenance team not long after Graham Maynard had left.
      Although i never experience anything by day at night on w/ends i had to take my turn every 4th w/end to do 12hr shifts cause of new guest’s coming and leaving this included night shift.
      The reception back then was in the main house i have never witnessed anything visually but would often hear unexplainable noises and have heard what sounded like children running along the corridors and would investigate and there would be nobody there this all happened above reception in the main house only.
      Where Main Reception is now i suspect from pictures is the old orchard mews on the location of the old stables as far as i know and i would often feel very uneasy in there even in the daytime.
      Also the main courtyard there used to be sounds of horses moving around from their horse shoes on stone although i never witnessed this personally other staff members had told me hope this has given you a bit more info and details.
      Kindest Regards
      Richard Orton

  2. I stayed at Walton Hall in the coach house several years ago one Sunday night. I had quite a frightening experience when I woke up to hear the creaky door to our corridor opening (approx 130am) followed by several very slow and thudding footsteps getting louder towards my room. I instantly felt that something wasn’t right. I was expecting to hear one of the few doors on our corridor open and shut but there was no sound. Several seconds later a bright white light flashed in my room. I was scared and would not open my eyes for a very long time !

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