Haunted Hotels Surrey

The Angel Posting House and Livery. Guildford

Haunted Hotels Surrey, Angel Post

The Angel Hotel’s current building dates from 1527, the hotel stands on the site of the Whitefriars Monastery. The oldest part of the hotel is the 13th-century stone vaulted undercroft, complete with the remains of the original spiral staircase. It is also said that some of the oak timbers used in the construction of the building came from old ships at Portsmouth. As a ‘Posting House’ coaches would exchange or rest for the horses. It was an ideal staging point between London and the Portsmouth Naval base. Famous guests are supposed to have included Jane Austen, Lord Nelson, Lord Byron and Charles Dickens

The front room window furthest to the right is Room 1 of the Angel Hotel. This room is believed to be haunted, by the ghost of a nineteenth-century military man. He has a waxed black moustache and has been reportedly seen in the wardrobe mirror after midnight. The old ship’s timbers are attributed to being the catalyst for the ghostly images of old mariners. These rumoured images appear in mirrors in some of the rooms. Or are they just your own reflection after a late night on the town?

Spa at Macdonald Frimley Hall

Frimley Hall, Camberley ,Surrey

Frimley Hall is a fine Victorian country house hotel and is now Part of the MacDonald Hotel group. The hotel is set among peaceful private gardens and in the Surrey woodland. A very picturesque setting just like something from a picture postcard.

The spirit of a nanny is said to still reside in the house. Rumour has it, that the nanny became distracted by her baby. Meanwhile, a toddler who was also in her charge accidentally fell down the grand staircase to her death. It is believed that the nanny was sent away after the fatal accident. Legend has it that the feelings of responsibility guilt and remorse engulfed her. She never recovered from the memories of this horrendous event. For all eternity she will always feel responsible.

It seems that the nanny now returns to the Hotel. Guests have supposedly heard her late in the evenings. There are unexplained reports of doors opening and areas with the feeling of cold spots. Some say they have seen a female apparition which apparently wanders around and cries at the top of the stairs. Other reports include a moving chair on the landing, and clothes said to be folded neatly inexplicably during the night. Could that be a butler?

The Greyhound Carshalton Hotel

The Greyhound Hotel Carshalton

The Greyhound is a listed building with parts dating back as far as the early 18th Century. The Hotel is situated at Carshalton Ponds, part of the River Wandle. The original public house known as the Greyhound was a sporting centre and the venue where racehorses were inspected prior to competing on Banstead Downs. The old inn was rebuilt in c1840 and added to the existing building.

Part of the original 18th Century Inn, The Swan Bar, allegedly is the haunt of the Hotels resident ghost. In Local legend, it is said, to be the apparition of a traveller in the 1800’s.  Whilst trying to make for the shelter of the inn one night, the traveller became stranded in the snow. The following morning he was supposed to have been found frozen to death, just inches from the doorstep. You just need to check out the information and availability Button to make sure you make it past the front doorstep. 

Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey.

Oatlands Park Hotel , Weybridge, Surrey.

Overlooking the Broadwater Lake and with great views over Surrey, The Oatland Park Hotel is steeped in history. This historic country house stands on the site that was previously occupied, by The Royal Palaces used by Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. Oatlands Park became a hotel in 1856.

The apparition of a  Grey Lady has been seen late in the evenings by hotel staff in and around the restaurant. These alleged sightings happened in the area that once contained bay windows. These windows originally would have been an exit to the Hotel gardens.

The ghost of room 1313 is said to be a frequent visitor. This spirit causes cold spots in the room. There have been unexplained cases of drawers being opened and closed. There have been reports of electrical interference, such as the spontaneous turning on and off of the radio and TV. Even the TV purportedly has been moved around in the room. There are some stories of guests complaining about noises coming from the infamous room, only for them to be told it is unoccupied. Is this the Grey Lady’s restless spirit? If you feel you want to try and experience these activities book yourself into room 1313. Or just stay in another room and explore at a distance. The choice is yours.


The King’s Arms & Royal Hotel, Godalming, Surrey

The King’s Arms and Royal Hotel, Godalming, Surrey

From approximately 1350 an Inn originally stood on the site of The King’s Arms and Royal Hotel. One of the Inn’s notable guests was Henry VIII, who is recorded as having stayed at the Inn. The existing 17th-century premises have played host to some very famous guests. Names that include the likes of Elizabeth I, Nelson, and in 1698 Tsar Peter the Great from Russia. The Tsar left apparently without settling his hotel bill.

The sound of boots echoing around the rooms has been reported. This is often accompanied by early morning sounds of clothing being removed, as if undressing and preparing for bed. Locally, some say that this might be the spirit of the Tsar Himself. Perhaps he has just returned to settle his Account? Make sure you settle your bill or he might follow you home.

The De Vere Selsdon Estate, Surrey

The Selsdon Park Hotel, Godalming, Surrey

This 19th Century Selsdon Park was a former country home used by the Bishop of Rochester and is now a Hotel and Golf Club. Some Hotel guests and staff have previously reported seeing a young woman wearing a flowing grey dress. She seems to have easily passed through walls and doors. Sometimes, it is said, that the apparition appears to spread what looks like huge wings. These seem to emanate from her back. Is it an Angel? The Rumor is that in the 1930s, a former hotel maid was seduced by the son of the wealthy owner of Selsdon Park. It is believed she was abandoned by the son shortly after. The poor girl was so distraught with shame, that the maid leaps to her death from a nearby window. She is also said to roam the corridors with a lighted candle. Will you catch her reflection in your bathroom mirror as others have claimed?

 Haunted Hotels Surrey


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