Kent’s Most Haunted Hotels

Haunted Hotels Kent

 The Woolpack Inn, Chilham, Canterbury Kent  

 Most Haunted Hotels Kent, Woolpack Hotel

 In the picturesque Chilham area, The Woolpack Inn is surrounded by beautifully scenic Kent countryside. The Woolpack is a grade II listed 15th-century building with a vast inglenook fireplace and many oak beams. A friendly Grey Phantom lady haunts the main building wandering around rooms and corridors. Nobody really knows who she might be or why she visits. The village of Chilham itself has many Tudor beamed cottages. While staying at this hotel why not visit Chilham Castle, which is a manor house, and keep in the village of Chilham. The Castle itself is also reputedly the haunt of many ghosts. If you would like further information or experience this hotel. Please check out availability via the link.


Eastwell Manor Hotel,  Boughton Lees, Ashford Kent

Haunted Hotels Kent Eastwell Manor
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Eastwell Manor is an impressive building overlooking beautiful lawns and set in quiet surroundings. Parts of this former manor house date back to the 16th Century.  Richard Plantagenet has been linked to once being a resident of this Manor. A ghostly rider has been reported to have been seen riding towards the park house. Suddenly this phantom horseman veers off at the last minute and enters the nearby lake. It is said a white lady haunts the house itself, and allegedly she has been seen by porters on the night shift. This hotel is now a spa and golf hotel, so you can relax and enjoy the leisure facilities as well taking in the surroundings. If you would like further information or to experience this hotel, please check out availability via the link.


 Elvey Farm, Pluckley, Ashford   Kent

Most Haunted Hotels Kent Pluckley

Elvey Farm is a medieval farmstead in a magical setting. The oldest part of the farm was built in 1406, with a collection of stables and outbuildings dating from the 16th century. Numerous ghost sightings have been reported over the years, the most prominent spirit being that of Edward Brett. Brett was the farmer at Elvey at the turn of the last century. It is rumored he gave a penny to each of his children and 15 shillings to his wife. He then, whispered in his wife’s ear “I will do it”, and walked away. Edward proceeded to calmly make his way to the old dairy and shot himself. Guests and staff have often reported hearing the words “I will do it” whispered very close to their ears. Other ghosts at Elvey Farm include that of a military man who has reportedly been seen standing on the stairs leading above the 16th-century barn. If you would like to experience the surroundings of Pluckley, which claims to be England’s most haunted village, please check out availability via the link.


The Chequers Inn, Smarden, Ashford, Kent

Most Haunted Hotels Kent The Chequers Smarden

Located in the picturesque Kent village of Smarden, The Chequers Inn is a 14th-century coaching inn It is one of the oldest buildings in the village. They have bedrooms featuring exposed wooden beams and the candlelit restaurant serves fine British cuisine. The Chequers has its own resident ghost; a soldier of the Napoleonic War. This soldier was supposedly fatally stabbed in one of the bedrooms, whilst tussling with robbers. It is also said that a gentleman dressed in green velvet has been seen sitting at a writing table. He apparently wears a Tri corner hat with a plume and is writing with a quilled pen. Some believe it may be none other than the ghost of the notorious Highwayman Dick Turpin. Or is it just a case of, one too many ales? If you would like further information or to experience this hotel, please check out availability via the link.


The Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel, Dartford, Kent 

Most Haunted Hotels Kent Royal Victoria & Bull Dartford

Bull n Vic, as it is locally known, was a coaching inn dating back to the 14th century. The Hotel became one of the main stopovers for stagecoaches on the London to Dover run. Famous guests have included, Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick who lived and died here. Her Majesty Queen Victoria stayed here in 1836, which then permitted the Hotel to use the Royal prefix.
A ghostly guest makes no secret of her presence at the Victoria and Bull Hotel in Dartford. The apparition’s picture hangs in the hotel. It is a memorial to a little girl called Winifred. It is said that this little died at the Hotel of tuberculosis, some centuries ago. The 8-year-old seems to be frozen in time and is a very peevish kind of child. According to hotel staff, ‘she will smash glasses if she can’t get her own way. Maybe that is why there were so many reported breakages when the Hotel was refurbished. Apparently, she loathes noise and change.  Other reported sightings are that of a cigar-smoking Cavalier and a phantom dog that likes to warm guests’ feet. Also, keep an eye out for the elusive phantom butterfly. If you would like further information or to experience this hotel, please check out availability via the link.

 Haunted Hotels Kent

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