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Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Haunted hotels Edinburgh, Rad Blue

With its attractive turret and 16th-century appearance, The Radisson Blu Hotel is situated in the town’s historic heart, on the Royal Mile. The hotel is said to have been built on the site of an old Close, where the infamous Bloody Mackenzie once lived. This area has seemed to have been susceptible to fires in the past. In fact, the hotel fire in 1992 was attributed, by some, to Mackenzie’s poltergeists. Other alleged activities include guests finding items that have been moved around their rooms. Voices and noises have been heard emanating from bathrooms. Televisions turning on and off and changing channels inexplicably have also been reported.  Edinburgh Castle is always a great place to explore for those wanting to be just tourists. Please check the information and availability Button for this Hotel

The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh Scotland

The Scotsman Hotel Edinburgh

The Scotsman Hotel was once the building of the Scotsman Newspaper. Originally built in 1905 The Scotsman Hotel has preserved the magnificence of the original Italian marble staircase. The Hotel retains the stunning oak paneling with imposing marble pillars. This is all complemented by the gloriously ornate ceilings.

The building is rumored to be haunted by many ghosts. One is believed to be the spirit of a phantom printer. He was reported to have been seen by Evening News workers using the building at the time. The spirit was seen walking around in the basement area. The ghostly figure was still wearing an apron associated with printers. He was also carrying around bits of metal as used in printers’ typeface. Please check the information and availability Button for this Hotel.

Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dalhousie Castle Hotel Edinburgh

This 13th-century Scottish castle fortress is located in woodland by the River Esk. The castle was of great strategic importance in the long-drawn-out Battle of the Borders. Now the castle is a superb 29-room hotel with a hydrotherapy-oriented spa.

The spirit presence of the castle is thought to be that of Lady Catherine. She is also known as the ‘Grey Lady’, and is the most active spirit of Dalhousie. Lady Catherine is said to have died in the 1720s from a broken heart and starvation. It is reported that her activities have been heard on numerous occasions. Some people have caught the sound of her skirt rustling and bustling along the corridors. Then there are the eerie sounds of her fingers scratching and tapping at doors.  There have been other strange experiences reported by the staff and guests. Some say they have felt the sensation of someone tapping them on the shoulder or hair pulling. There have even been sightings of ghostly butlers, complete with white gloves, moving around the building. Please check the information and availability Button for this Hotel

Witchery by the Castle. Edinburgh

Witchery by Castle Edinburgh

Witchery by the Castle. Edinburgh. This well-known hotel and restaurant are situated on the Royal Mile. Some believe that these premises are haunted by the spirit of one of the many unfortunate souls of the late 16th and Early 17th centuries. Those souls that would have been burned at the stake immediate vicinity, were accused of witchcraft and sorcery. However, The Witchery has now gained such a good reputation, that it has now become the favorite haunt for some living Film Stars and celebrities. Please check the information and availability Button for this Hotel

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21 thoughts on “Scotland – Edinburgh Haunted Hotels”

  1. We would really appreciate hearing your feedback. Please share your experiences after you have stayed in one of these Hotels.
    Many Thanks

    1. I stayed in the Apex Grassmarket hotel and had ‘visits’ from a man and a woman. Anyone else stay there and have encounters?

      1. Just stayed there recently. The first night I woke up and a man with a dark coat was sitting on the bed and second night woke up with the feeling that someone was squeezing my arm tightly trying to wake me up.

  2. Man screaming, very scary, lots of hair (inc. facial), dirty torn clothing- hair was darker but not sure if dirty to make it dark or dark naturally. And a woman in a grey outfit with a white hat and white apron. Her hair was dirty blonde. She was clinging her hands. It wasn’t until my last night there that I found out its near where people were executed.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We have reached out to others to see if anyone else has experienced similar
      encounters. You may want to take a look at this link that gives a great overview of the history of that area? You will see it could be one of many things that
      were happening around that area.

  3. we recently stayed at a hotel there in Edinburgh. The first night there were footsteps in our room near our beds. It was also someone standing at the foot of the bed.

  4. Stayed at the Brooks hotel. Woke in the night and saw a shadow moving away from my side of the bed out to the door. Next night I woke up and felt someone watching me.

    1. Thank you for you valuable feed back. If you would like to share a more detailed account that would be perfect and greatly appreciated . We are reaching out to see if we can find any other guests that may have had similar, or other, experiences at this location. If you know of anyone or can share our request via our Facebook page. We can then discover other information from a wider audience. Cheers Spooky One

    2. Spent one of the worst nights of my life here. A horrible feeling of dread all night.

      1. Hi Julie, in which hotel did have these bad nights? Pleas tell us what happened and what you experienced.
        Many Thanks
        Spooky One

    3. Can you please tell me your room number. Something similar happened to me at the weekend.

    4. Julie, can you remember the room number in Brooks. Similar experience this weekend

      1. I had the same experience in room 203. My bed was moving towards the end. television turning on and off and i also saw a shadow moving beside my bed. I didn’t sleep at all. A dreadfull experience, i had so much fear. Nothing fun about it. Told the reception and they told me they heard my story before.

  5. Recently stayed at Raddison Blue at Royal Mile. 3rd Floor. Hardly slept a wink all night. Heard a little girl giggle in the bathroom. Felt like I was being watched from the moment we arrived. Told receptionist, she just nodded like she’d heard it all before. Nice hotel though. Pool area and changing rooms spooky too.

  6. Just back from the apex grassmarket hotel. Woke up by being choaked and pinned to the bed at roughly the same time both nights.

    1. Thanks for this what room did you stay in? Let us see if anyone else responds with the same experiences in the same room.

  7. I stayed at the Brooks in 2017. My bedside lamp turned itself on around 3am. Needless to say, I left it on for the rest of the night. I checked the toggle switch in the morning– therecwas no way it could have accidentally turned on. Interesting to read here about other events at the Brooks!

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