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Oxford Castle - Oxford

oxford castle

Do not let Oxford Castle’s daytime attraction seduce you, as it  it’s dark terrifying history awakes at the fall of darkness. Instances of ghostly happenings and poltergeist activity all  have been frequently experienced.  The Castle’s  chequered history involving, battles, executions ,witches, and sacrifices all add to the  paranormal notoriety of this former Castle. A Norman Castle where human remains have been recovered from the 16th century Well Chamber. The paranormal activity is constantly experienced  throughout the building.The crypt is  especially a great area for communicating and channelling with the resident spirits. 

In its former history around 1071 the castle became an infamous Jail.This site continued being used for imprisonment ,with a new facility being built in  1785 and  1876. this Gaol operated until  the final closure of HM Prison in 1996. This could explain the many reports of the loud bangs of cell doors and evil echoey whispers . Are the screams and the throwing of objects caused by the many evil anguished souls of past inmates. Is it the  angry spirits of the many  condemned and tortured prisoners that crave attention with their poltergeist activity. 

This is your chance to discovery the many spirits and paranormal phenomena.  Spirits that have inhabited this castle from The Norman invasion to more recent history. Have your own ghost adventure and become a temporary inmate/ visitor for the night .

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