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Bodmin Jail - Cornwall

Explore Bodmin Jail – Cornwall

In this place  over 55 executions  have been  dispatched. So as you would expect Bodmin Jail is a very  haunted & frightening location.    This  location  has  a fully restored  & working Execution Pit , that was discovered during renovation works.  You see how this demonstrates how the wretched condemned inmates
were sent to meet their maker.

Reported paranormal phenomena  have included the sound of echoing,mysterious  dark shadows. There are account of  visitors of the Jail being pushed & touched as the wander around  this place of correction. It is hard not to feel the anguish and pain of those unfortunate  tortured inmates souls.

Do you feel you are brave enough enter the condemned cells ? Are you  ready to   challenge your fear with a lone vigil in these cells? Or will you flee in terror as some of  those that have gone before you?

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