Paranormal Snoring.
Is the Ensnorcell effect troubling Your sleep?

Can Your Snoring Wake the Dead?

For years people have said “You snore so loud you’ll wake the dead” But could there be some truth in that? A new theory has arisen around the possibility that snoring can enhance the conditions for certain paranormal activity. Please do not lose sleep after reading this.

So what is the theory behind the Ensnorcell Effect, After all, snoring is thought to affect 20- 40 % of the general population. You would think that there would be many more reported paranormal cases.  The theory suggests that only a certain combination of acoustic wavelengths, frequency, and decibel levels can generate the effect.  The acoustic properties of snoring are generally in the low end of the frequency range around 500Hz, with an average decibel level of 40 Decibels.  Something
I am sure we all know that your bed partner tends to snore.  As I write, the loudest snore ever recorded was supposedly measured at 92 decibels (equivalent to a motorcycle at 25 ft ).

The normal human hearing is said to be in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz (hertz).  The very low-frequency range of sound which falls below 20 HZ is called Infrasound. This level of frequency cannot be heard by the human ear.  This is comparable to the higher frequency of a Dog whistle is also inaudible to humans. We may not hear anything but Infra Sound can have an effect on our bodies both psychologically and physically. There is an intense vibrating energy generated by these wavelengths, which can be absorbed into the human body. Normally, we would not be consciously aware that this is happening to us. The fact sound is inaudible and depending on the frequency, infrasound can cause a person to be exposed to feelings of panic, fear, and anxiety.

The consequences of infrasound have had a long association with paranormal activities such as haunting, poltergeists and ghosts. Distorted vision or, hallucinations? Many ghost hunters use low-frequency sound to enhance the energy for the paranormal reception of a selected location. When tested, many haunted locations have been found to register below the 20 HZ infrasound level.

So what has this to do with the Ensnorcell Effect? The mechanism of snoring is an anatomical vibration of structures in the pharyngeal airway and mouth. The harsh aspect of the snoring sound is due to the flutter of the soft palate. The theory is, that when all the acoustic elements of the snoring mechanism meet the correct infrasound frequency, a paranormal receptive atmosphere is created. The snorer wakes themselves due to the low-frequency effects and may see an apparition standing above them. Or they may experience some other form of paranormal activity, which has been summoned and released by the Ensnorcell Effecting. Could this be an explanation for the” Old Hag Syndrome”? Maybe Ensnorcell is the catalyst for the phenomena of Sleep Paralysis, Incubus and Succubus Attacks. All have some elements of the feeling of being awake, finding you cannot move, but still be able to see, taste, hear, feel and smell. And there are the sexual aspects of Incubus and Succubus to consider as well.

So if your partner snores, be thankful they are a normal snorer. Even though it is a very annoying habit you should feel safe in the knowledge you can hear them.  You can hear the snores so the acoustics are not falling into the infrasound. If you are experiencing paranormal activity at bedtime then maybe an investigation of the acoustic frequency at night may help to rule out any caused by the  Ensnorcell  Effect.

If you are concerned about your snoring, here is a link to some Anti Snoring Ideas.

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