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Armley Mills - Leeds- Yorkshire

Investigate  The Armley Mills Leeds 

Armley Mills - Leeds

The Mills of Armley seem to be a stimulus for the promotion of  poltergeist and ghostly activity of this dark and satanic  site. This vast building spans  4  scary floors and includes the Mill owners cottage . All areas have witnessed paranormal activity. Sightings of   shadowy  figures, the sounds of sighs  heavy breathing, and phantom footsteps , have all been reported by other visitors. Will you experience your own ghostly adventure of  Poltergeists? Will you see objects  thrown or feel the cold touch of unknown hands?

The  Armley site was once the largest woollen mill in the world. Now , as a museum, the mill pays tributes to the story of Leeds’ rich industrial heritage and history. This building now houses collections, exhibitions and galleries of the cities past in the Museum today. 



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