Haunted Hotels Sussex

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex


The Mermaid Inn has a 600-year-old reputation for being haunted by several ghosts and spirits These events seem to centre around four rooms of the Inn’s accommodation. The visitations include an unknown  Grey Lady. A sighting has been attributed to a servant girl who was believed to have been murdered by her lover. He was an infamous local smuggler and was said to have silenced the girl because she couldn’t control her loose tongue. She boasted about his indiscretions and her lover’s secretive illegal activities.

There are guest accounts of being awoken by the sounds of fencing. And then witnessing a rapier duel being fought around them. The dualists have been seen dressed in period dress of doublets and hose. The victorious dualist then proceeds to throw his opponent’s body into a small secret chamber that mysteriously appears in the corner of the room. There have also been reports by various guests of other assorted unknown entities,  who have been seen walking through walls and rearranging guests’ clothes.                                                         

Watch this clip to get a feel of the Mermaid Inn.



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