Saltmarshe Hall, Near Howden – Yorkshire

Saltmarshe Hall
Near Howden
East Yorkshire

DN14 7RX
United Kingdom

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The Saltmarshe Estate has  remained in the same family for over  900 years. The present building was built in 1825 . You will be able to  carry out your own investigating of the North Wings abandoned servants quarters .This area has remained untouched  since the 1930’s. Visit the immense old dark  unused cellar area . This is an area that  staff still refuse to go into! Explore the many reported ghostly activities which include sightings of  a white lady, dark. Many times dark  shadowy figures have been glimpsed. Is it these spirits or entities causing the often encountered  poltergeist activity or the temperature changes. Step into your own ghost story. You decided what is really here at  Salt Marsh Hall. Follow in the footsteps of the famous TV investigators of Most Haunted,  that have investigated this location. Check out their discoveries


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