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Jack the Ripper’s Sinister London Tour

Jack The Ripper Tour

The fascinating Jack the Ripper’s Sinister London Tour. Trace  his journey back into the late 1800s This is the time of the Sherlock Holmes novels and The Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick being hospitalised at the Royal London Hospital. This is the era of London’s most spine chilling mystery murders. Five women were the victims of this sadistic brutal murderer. His  method of killing,  with such terrifying surgical precision, became his evil signature. This left the dimly-lit streets and women living in fear of a unknown ruthless serial killer. Your tour begins with a coach ride to the most haunted theatre in London – the Theatre Drury Lane. You’ll also see the Old Bailey, site of innumerable public hangings, and drive along Fleet Street which was home to the Sweeney Todd and his accomplice Mrs Lovatt who is said to have baked pies with the flesh of her lovers unsuspecting victims. As the shadows of the evening lengthen, accompany your Ripperologist Blue-Badge London Guide on the trail of terror created by bloodthirsty Jack the Ripper! You’ll walk through the murder scenes in London’s East End, where Jack the Ripper brutally attacked five unsuspecting women. Each of the sites remain much as they did when the terrible crimes took place back on those cold foggy nights in the 1880’s. Your knowledgeable guide will run through the list of suspects held on police file, along with the scant few clues left by the killer, eyewitness reports and of course, the letters purportedly written by the ‘Whitechapel fiend’ himself. You’ll see the 10 Bells Pub which many of the Ripper’s victims frequented and conclude the evening in a traditional Victorian pub which serves the old-fashioned East-End favourite supper of fish and chips (not included).

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