Kielder Castle Northumberland 25 OCT


Date -> Fri 25Oct 19 . to . Sat 26Oct 19
Time -> 20:30 . until . 03:00

Kielder Castle, Northumberland

Haunted Kielder Castle Northumberland 

The isolated Kielder Castle lies in the  Kielder Forest.  This hunting (or should that be haunting) lodge is considered very haunted with  a long reported   foreboding ghostly history.  Many apparitions and spirits have been witnesses at Kielder Castle, staff and visitors alike. It is a favourite location for many Ghost Hunters. They report experiences of  being touched, watched and pushed during their investigations of this frightening location. 

You can sleep here until 08:30 if you feeling brave enough?
Dare you sleep here after Ghost Hunt?  

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Haunted Experiences