Witch Hunting at Pendle Hill 31 OCT Halloween Special


Date -> Sat 31Oct 15 . to . Sun 01Nov 15
Time -> 20:00 . until . 04:00

Pendle Hill Witch Hunt, Clitheroe, Lancashire

 Witch Hunting at Pendle Hill
Halloween Special

Pendle Hill draws the world’s attention as  a leading paranormal active location. The Pendle Witch trials  began in 1612 and seem to have been the catalyst, to the start of the now frequent happenings at this  evil and terrifying location. The ghost hunting adventures of TV Show “Most Haunted” can bear witness to that. Others as well as M.H.  team  have experienced ghostly apparitions as well as  eerie voices of woman . Are these the malevolent  and evil spirits of those witches that were condemned and Pendle Hill?

Will you join the investigation which begins at Clitheroe Castle ?Here your expert historian will recount the details of The Pendle Hill Witch Trials . After supper at your local base, you will be taken to a secret location on Pendle Hill to conduct your Ghost hunt.



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