Warwick Castle – Warwick 8 SEP


Date -> Fri 08Sep 17 . to . Thu 09Nov 17
Time -> 21:00 . until . 04:30

Warwick Castle - Warwick, Warwickshire

Here is your opportunity to explore the much revered Haunted Warwick Castle .

This place echos  with the  spirits  of  the history of its well documented  chequered past. A past of over  1000 years. The records show a settlement on this site dating back to 914. Following William The Conqueror’s invasion of England the site became the  first to adopt  the building of a  Motte and Bailey Castle in 1068. Is it the past Earls of Warwick or the other numerous people associated with the building that creates  the paranormal activity recorded on this site. Who is the malevolent   aggressive   entity  that pervades the castle .Haunting  cries of help  and plummeting room temperatures have all been experienced by  those investigating the castle. Perhaps you will lucky enough to view  the full body apparition of the tower? Will it manifest  itself on your visit?


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Haunted Experiences

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