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Turton Towers – Bolton
Turton Towers, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 0HG

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Turton Towers - Bolton

The haunted Turton Towers of Bolton is considered to be a spooky and hair-raising location. The building, with parts dating back to the early 15th Century, has seen various uses and countless visitors through it’s long history. There were two skulls which are said to have been uncovered at this location. One skull was found to be male and the other was female. Could these remains be the catalyst for the presence of evil spirits that reside within the fabric of the building? The mystery that surrounds the exact cause of this couples demise is still unresolved to this day. As a way to try and placate the anger of the resident spirits these skulls are now kept on top of the Holy Bible.

Could the male figure that has been witnessed walking through walls be the owner of one of the mysterious skulls? Is he still walking aimlessly around the rooms searching for his lost head? Could it be the disembodied female spirit that touches visitors and whispers and whistles in the darkness? Who is the evil spirit that has been heard to shout into guests ears “GET OUT” “GET OUT NOW”.  This is your opportunity to investigate these paranormal phenomena. Take part in a vigil and try and discover the truth behind the intrigue. Enjoy your own ghost adventures and immerse yourself in your own ghost story.

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