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St Catherine's Sanitarium Hospital – Doncaster
St Catherine’s Sanitarium Hospital , Doncaster, Yorkshire, DN4 8QN

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St Catherine's Sanitarium Doncaster Yorkshire

Haunted St Catherine’s Hospital housed children’s wards,  infectious diseases unit, a psychiatric unit and sanatorium. This former Hospital has been reported as a spine-chillingly active and ominous location. A location with reported encounters of cries, screams and dark whispers. Ghostly apparitions of supposed  former patients or inhabitants are amongst the other recorded paranormal activity from this location

The Hospital was originally the victorian  residence of the Bank’s family. After the family lived  here for 90 years the building and contents were purchased for use as a mental institution.It is  then when the house was renamed St Catherine’s Institution. The isolated hidden location was deemed to a perfect location to hide away societies mentally challenged citizens .  

Footsteps, voices, cries and apparitions are just some of the reported paranormal activity here.  Is this caused by the anguish of the long lost spirits pervading these abandoned wards?There are some areas of this building,  where remaining working staff refuse to enter alone. And that is even in daylight hours.  Take this opportunity to try and  discover the truth behind ghostly activity. Enjoy your very own ghost adventure if you dare. 

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