Ordsall Hall Salford Manchester 2 DEC


Sat 02Dec 17 . to . Sun 03Dec 17     
21:00 . until . 02:00


Ordsall Hall – Salford, Manchester
Ordsall Hall, Salford, Manchester

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Ordsall Hall - Salford, Manchester


Ordsall Hall has a such an intense paranormal reputation, that CCTV cameras are in place to  capture any activity  24 hours a day 7days a week. Ordsall was originally a moated Tudor Mansion, its history dates back some 800 years.  It has a long and intriguing history. One family owned and occupied the building continuously for more than 300 years.  There are many legends and stories surrounding Ordsall Hall. One is that it is purported that Guy Fawkes and other conspirators planned the infamous Gunpowder plot within these very walls. The building was heavily involved in the English Civil War which caused the Royalist family extreme to endure suffering and financial difficulties. This was even further compounded as the owner was imprisoned for his support of the King.

The building itself houses what some describe as malevolent evil spirit. This pervades the location casting feelings of anguish and heartache. The cries of a child  that drowned in the well have been heard in in the kitchen. The apparition of a lady has been on the stairs a she cries with grief. Is this the lady that is believed   to be  have committed suicide by throwing herself from the balcony. Whilst moving through the rooms ,the hall, and the Star Chamber many visitors have heard the loud phantom knocks and, bangs. The sounds of estranged voices and unaccountable footsteps,  have all become synonymous with this location. Will you be brave enough to venture into the eerie dark attic area, said to be the haunt of the most evil spirits.  What tales will you have to share after your night at Ordsall Hall?

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