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Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood – Essex
Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood , Essex-

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Kelvedon Hatch secret bunker , Brentwood - Essex -

Kelvedon Hatch secret bunker was built in 1952 . The facility¬†was designed to accommodate some 600 military and civilian personnel . These were the privileged who would ¬†be looked upon to organise the survival of the population. ¬†Government ¬†and military personnel protected ¬†to maintain the country’s operations in the event of a Nuclear attack.

 Hidden from the world and deep in the Essex woodland the Hatch is built 125 feet (38m) below ground. Kelvedon was a Top Secret location until publicly revealed  in 1992. This decommissioned bunker is now the scene of much  unexplained paranormal phenomena . Many paranormal teams have witnessed   ghostly  apparitions, poltergeist activity such as thrown objects  and equipment malfunctions. Some  guests have screamed and ran out of the location.

The site has been visited by several TV  Paranormal programs and they have picked up on the many ghost  stories attached to this facility. The foreman that died in wet concrete accidentally buried alive, apart from his hard hat. It has been rumoured that there was at least one suicide in this location. Some believe ancient burial grounds were disturbed by the construction of the Hatch. Could this be the cause of the malevolent spirit visitations? Growls and loud heavy  thumping echo in the tunnels.Are these the lost spirits of the past residence  of the dormitory and medical areas or something more sinister? Are the ghosts of the past still working in the generator room and command centre oblivious to the world?

The Hatch was inhabited until 1992, but now is available for you to explore and have your own ghost adventures. That is if you have the stomach for it . Take a sleeping bag if you want to sleep over 

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