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20:30 . until . 03:00


Poltergeist House, 30 East Drive – Pontefract -Yorkshire
30 East Drive , Pontefract, Yorkshire , WF8 2AN

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The Poltergeist House Of Pontefract

Poltergeist House Pontefract

This Haunted House experience is a very limited space event.Ā Home to the “Black Monk of Pontefract” reputed to be one of the most violent poltergeist in European History. This residence has a catalogue of unexplained paranormalĀ happenings. The notoriety of this residence has been so acclaimed , that it has beenĀ  featured in many TV programs & Books. Be aware of the haunted China dolls in the living room. Ouija Boards are BANNED at this location, andĀ  you will fully appreciate the reasons why. TheĀ Ā very unwelcoming male presenceĀ  willĀ  leaveĀ under no illusion that this location is not for the faint hearted. The House was shown in Ā  its true light as a place of menace and Ā potential evilĀ in 2 Ā of Ā the scariest episodes of TV’s Most Haunted.

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