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Fort Amherst, Chatham – Kent
Fort Amherst, Chatham, Kent

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Cannon Fort Amherst, Chatham - Kent

The dark and foreboding  Fort Amherst in Chatham

This place has drawn many Ghost hunters to explore and investigate the reported activity of this historic Fort. The Forts’ labyrinth of tunnels were constructed in 1756 to defend London and the Medway towns from the threatened  French invasion. The fort now is the s the finest example of a complete Napoleonic fortress in Britain today. Apart from its service during the Napoleonic wars, Fort Amherst was also utilised during both  World Wars. In the 2nd World War, the location was used as a command post and observation platform. 

The  Fort was opened to the public in 1983, and since then there have been frequent unexplained incidents reported. Many times dark shadows have been witnessed, some even in the daytime. Voices are often heard in empty tunnels and many occasions guest have had chilling whispers spoken directly into their ears. This has caused some people to jump in shocked disbelief, and they then hurriedly leave the area

The sounds of children crying and a woman wailing are regularly heard echoing around the empty tunnels. Combine these phenomena with the other presences and poltergeist active within the rooms and tunnels make this a place that needs investigation. WIll this be your very own ghost adventure?

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